4. Firearms Rules and Secure Storage

  • Ensuring safety when shooting
  • Prohibited firearms in the United Kingdom
  • Safety rules for storage of an air weapon
    • Gun cabinets
    • Gun clamps
    • Steel cables
  • Laws on transporting air weapons
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1. Introduction to Air Weapons

  • What are air weapons?
  • Air weapon origin and history
  • Different types of air weapon available
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3. The Legalities of Owning an Air Weapon

  • What’s the legal age? (Over 18s, aged 14-17, under 14)
  • Firing beyond your boundary and trespassing
  • When is it illegal to fire an air weapon?
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2. Why Would You Own an Air Weapon?

  • Hunting and pest control
  • Shooting (Plinking)
  • Shooting (Field target)
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5. further Information & Useful Links

  • Getting insurance for your firearm
  • Reporting the misuse of an air weapon
  • Useful Links
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