While that tackles all the legal issues that come with owning and operating an air weapon, you may still have further questions about the guns in general. Insurance, for example, can be integral when it comes to air rifles. After all, if your lovely new gun breaks after a few days, you’re in a spot of bother.

Getting insurance for your firearm

It’s fairly simple to get insurance on your air weapon and related products. By spending just £19.95 a month you can become a member of the BASC (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation).

This will entitle you to automatic insurance on all your products, with not only the gun covered in the policy, but also the likes of your night vision equipment, binoculars, sights and any other accessories you may possess.

Many insurance firms will offer you similar deals, with varying levels of cover offered depending on the age and condition of your gun at the time of being insured. Whether your gun is less than five-years-old or in excess of 20 years, you should be able to find a deal which suits your needs.

Standard gun insurance may or not match the same cover you get from the BASC, which includes:

  • The coverage of repair or replacement costs
  • Cover regardless of where you are – at home, on a shoot or transporting your gun from one location to another
  • Barrel blow-out included in the accidental damage clause
  • Alternative hire costs per year
  • Cover when your gun is damaged by someone else while on a shoot
  • Cover for you when you lend your gun to another member of your association
  • Accessories tallying up to £750 in price covered
  • Coverage anywhere in the UK, with a further 21 days of coverage to be used on a worldwide basis

This is a very precise set of measures, but they are the sort of deals and offers which are typical across the range when it comes to firearm insurance. Much like with anything in life, it’s worth forking out the cash to give yourself the peace of mind that your items won’t be needing replacing out of your own pocket if something does go wrong.

Reporting the misuse of an air weapon

If you see anyone who breaches any of the rules or laws laid out in this article, you should report them to the police. It is important law-breakers are dealt with – primarily because it both reduces the risk of danger occurring to innocent victims, as well as enforcing the idea that these are guidelines which can’t be casually overlooked.

While it might seem like an overreaction to get the authorities involved in what is sometimes no doubt a relatively minor breach of the rules, one has to remember these are guns and as such, have the capability to cause serious potential damage to a person or property. Don’t delay in reporting a discrepancy if you see it going on – it literally could make the difference between life and death.

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