SMK Artemis P15 .177 .22 or .25 PCP Bullpup Air Rifle

SMK Artemis P15 .177 .22 or .25 PCP Bullpup Air Rifle

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Artemis P15 .177 ..22 or .25 Air Rifle

Side Lever Action

Multi Shot

Single shot tray included

Single Stage Trigger

Overall Length: 26″

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Product Description

Artemis P15 .177 .22 or .25 Bullpup Air Rifle

The Artemis P15 pre charged air rifle is available in .177 .22 or .25 caliber. The Artemis P15 is a bullpup style air rifle in a hardwood stock.

The Artemis P15 is a side lever cocking action and has a multi shot magazine.

Being a very lightweight bullpup air rifle, the Artemis P15 perfect for carrying around for pest control.

A P15 bullpup features a multi shot magazine and the overall length is just 26".

Weighing approximately 4.4lb without a scope, the P15 is a lightweight, compact bullpup air rifle.

Artemis P15 Air Rifle Specification:

Side Lever Action

Multi Shot Magazine x2

Includes a single shot tray

11 Shot .177 / 10 Shot .22 / 9 Shot .25


Single Stage Trigger

Dovetail Scope Rail

If you would like an explanation of the different style of air rifles available then please check out our main airguns page.

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2 reviews for SMK Artemis P15 .177 .22 or .25 PCP Bullpup Air Rifle

  1. James Kunzemann

    I have owned this air rifle for almost a year and am very impressed by it. I love the low weight and compact dimensions and find it enjoyable to shoot. Accuracy-wise, I would say that it is almost as good as my HW100K. The trigger is not bad and breaks cleanly, – but I wish that it could be more finely adjusted. The stock is basic but works well (with a small modification)and is surprisingly stable on aim for standing shots. (– The original butt pad is, in my opinion, not low enough, (and uncomfortable) so I modified a Bisley adjustable butt pad to drop the pad height by about 50mm. This simple mod. has made all the difference.) Shot count is high,- probably around 150 in .177 cal. Bear in mind that, if using a manual pump, it does take a LOT of effort to refill to 250bar from nearly empty. The magazines function well with domed pellets but some wadcutter-type pellets do cause problems.. On firing, the rifle is very ‘dead’ (recoil-free) and also pretty quiet. . Overall, I consider this air rifle to be good value for money,– handy ,accurate,quiet and fun to shoot. .So far ,reliability has been good too.

  2. Richard Willcox

    The P15, I Hate the magazine and loading procedures, it is nasty & cheap, but the gun is faultless, it is robust, compact, reasonably light, Accurate & powerful enough to take down pests when we were allowed to, I have added a BSA 6 to 25 50mm scope on high lift mounts, a picatinny rail on the fore-end for a bi-pod, a lazer zeroed at 15 mts for quick stuff and try to shoot the same ammo to keep consistency, My choice for this is Air Arm’s Field 0.22 ( As with my AA S200 ) sometimes lubricated some not but a quick blast of silicon lubricant down the barrel can add a bit of an edge. Thus far the P15 has proven to be a very sturdy workhorse, I Keep it topped up every 5 / 6 mags so never had to worry about loss of impact and not to fussed about getting it scuffed or dirty, it was not cheap, cheap but it is not a classic.
    This will never take the place of my HW100 K ThumbStock Walnut that’s just pure class, have many others all with an oddity for different ammo, my .25 Krall Punched seems to only work with H&N Field Target, the HW 100 like’s Accupell and Crossman Premier.
    To summarise the SMK P15 was my first bullpup, purchased 2 years ago, approx £600.00 it has proven it’s worth and delivered faultless reliability, But I still hate the mags.

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