Ruby Fibre Optic Shotgun Bead Sight

Ruby Fibre Optic Shotgun Bead Sight


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Ruby Fibre Optic Shotgun Sight Bead

  • Suitable for all lighting conditions.
  • Manufactured using the best optic fibres.
  • Simultaneous view of the target and the luminous point.
  • Allows you to aim with both eyes open
  • Helps to correct problems with eye dominance.
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Product Description

Ruby Fibre Optic Shotgun Bead Sight

The bright Ruby shotgun sight bead can help you to shoot with both eyes open and correct any eye dominance due to being highly direction sensitive. The Ruby Bead sight can only be seen when correctly looking central down the rib.

Incorrect eye dominance is very common and is a major cause of missing the target, as is lifting your head from the stock. This sight helps to reduce both mistakes. It is also helpful when shooting in poor light.

These are the brightest and clearest coloured beads out there.

71mm - Hunting

120mm - Sports Shooting

Available Red, Green and Orange

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