Our Top 5 Game Shotguns for 2020

With the game shooting season fast approaching, we thought we would share with you our top 5 game shotguns for 2020.

Game shotguns differ from Sporting shotguns in 4 main ways.

  1. Game Guns are lighter in weight. This makes it easier to carry around a shotgun for a days game shooting.
  2. Narrow Ribs. Game guns have narrower ribs compared to Sporter models. This is just because all guns had a narrow rib until the shotgun companies decided to start putting wider ribs on Sporting guns.
  3. Auto Safety. All game shotguns will have an automatic safety which will come on as you push across the top lever and open the barrels.
  4. Solid Centre Rib. Due to game guns not being shot in quick succession like a Sporting shotgun would on a clay shoot. There is no need for ventilated ribs to help disperse the heat from the barrels.

It has been difficult to pick our top 5 game guns for 2020, but here goes. In no particular order:


1. Browning B525 Game Shotgun

The Browning 525 Game is a very popular choice for many game shooters. This Browning shotgun will be at home both pigeon shooting and pheasant/partridge shooting etc. Made from a single block of forged steel, and featuring lightweight, back bored barrels. The Browning 525 is a great all-rounder for game shooting.




2. Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Field Shotgun

The Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Field shotgun is built on an action which has been a firm favourite for many years. The Beretta Silver Pigeon field has an oiled finish and stylish traditional checkering. A Beretta Silver Pigeon over and under shotgun has been the choice for many beginner and experienced game shooters. Available in either 26” 28” or 30” barrels.

Our Top 5 Game Shotguns for 2020


3. Beretta 687 EELL Field Shotgun

The Beretta 687 EELL can be found with either Game scene or Scroll engraving. This beautiful Beretta Shotgun is exceptionally strong and features a low profile receiver.  The superior high quality walnut stock features hand cut checkering to combine both performance and beauty.


Our Top 5 Game Shotguns for 2020
Beretta 687 EELL Gamescene


4. Browning 525 Exquisite Shotgun

The Browning 525 Exquisite certainly lives up to its name. Available as either a single or pair of shotguns.  There is stunning deep engraving all over the action and is finished with a Grade 6 Turkish walnut stock. The Browning 525 action has proven itself time again and is the perfect base for this Exquisite 12 bore game gun.


Our Top 5 Game Shotguns for 2020

5. Beretta 486 Game Side by Side Shotgun

The Beretta 486 side by side shotgun is available in 12 Bore, 20 Bore or 28 Bore. When Beretta decided to reintroduce a side by side to their shotgun range, rather then refreshing an older model they re-designed the action, springs and trigger group. Featuring a round bodied action and lavish scroll engraving. You also have the option of purchasing the Beretta 486 in either fixed choke or multi choke.


Our Top 5 Game Shotguns for 2020

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