How good are Hawke Rifle Scopes?

How Good are Hawke Rifle Scopes?

Have you ever wondered just ‘how good are Hawke rifle scopes?’ I’m sure at some point we have all wanted or needed a new rifle scope and thought, I wonder what’s the best Hawke rifle scope or Rimfire scope? You’ve taken a look on the internet and gone from scope review to review. Well here are a few of our top picks from Hawke Optics UK.

Hawke Optics offer an entry level range of scopes, which are the Hawke Fast Mount scopes. These sport optics are offered to selected Hawke UK dealers who purchase them in bulk. They are very similar to the Hawke Vantage scope, but with only 1 slight difference. A Hawke Fast Mount is a two piece body and the Hawke Vantage is a single piece tube. Both the Fast Mount and the Vantage non IR scopes have a wire reticle. The illuminated reticle versions all feature glass etched reticles. An extra bonus with the Fast Mounts is that they come with a pair of 2 piece dovetail mounts included as standard. Do not let the wire reticle put you off, they are certainly more than capable of being used as an air rifle scope or rimfire scope.

Best Hawke Optics Rifle Scopes:

Hawke Fast Mount Rifle Scopes

  • Hawke Fast Mount 3-9×50 AO Scope
  • Hawke Fast Mount 6-24×50 AO IR Scope

The Hawke 3-9×50 AO Fast Mount is a perfect entry level scope. A 3-9 magnification is suitable for the majority of general air rifle shooting up to 30-40 yards. An adjustable objective lens on the front allows you to focus in on your targets from 10 yards to infinity. This is one of our best selling scopes and offers great value for money. Even more so as you get a pair of 9-11mm dovetail mounts included as standard with the Fast Mount.

Hawke Fast Mount 3-9×50 AO

If you are looking for a rifle scope with a bit more magnification, then the Hawke 6-24×50 AO IR Fast Mount is certainly worth looking at. Again, these have been designed as an entry level rifle scope but can certainly handle more then an entry level rifle. These rifle scopes feature an adjustable objective lens and an illuminated reticle. The whole range of the Hawke Fast Mount offers a wide range of different magnifications to suit a wide range of different shooting styles.

Hawke Fast Mount 6-24×50 AO IR

Hawke Airmax Rifle Scopes

Next in line in the hugely popular Hawke Optics range, are the Hawke Airmax rifle scopes. There is a Hawke Airmax to suit a wide range of different air rifle shooting disciplines. These telescopic sights come in a range of 25mm/1″ and 30mm tubes. The smallest Hawke in this range is the Airmax 2-7×32 AO.

Within the Airmax 30 range of rifle scopes there are a few different models to choose from. There is the Airmax 30 SF, which are available in magnifications from 3-12×50 up to 8-32×50. Also available are the shorter version of these scopes, the Airmax 30 Compact SF. Ranging from 3-12×40 and going up to 6-24×50. The newest Hawke scope to make up the family is the Hawke Airmax Touch. As mentioned above, all of these scopes feature 30mm tube bodies and have the glass etched AMX reticle. Airmax 30 scopes feature 16 layer fully multi-coated lenses for fantastic clarity.

  • Hawke Airmax
  • Hawke Airmax 30
  • Hawke Airmax 30 Compact
  • Hawke Airmax Touch
  • Hawke Airmax FFP

Hawke Airmax 2-7×32 AO

This small and compact Hawke scope measures only 269mm and weighs just 472g. Although small, you still get a 17.5-6.3m large field of view at 100m. Featuring a 1” tube body and with 16 layers of fully multi-coated lenses, the Airmax 2-7×32 scope is perfect for compact rifles such as Bullpup air rifles.


How good are Hawke Rifle Scopes?

Hawke Airmax Touch 3-12×32

One of the newest scopes from Hawke Optics UK is the Airmax Touch. Hawke have developed this scope for air rifles with minimum or zero recoil. The Hawke Airmax Touch features zero eye relief and a wide angle optical system. Built with a 30mm single piece tube body, and with a glass etched AMX illuminated reticle. This Hawke rifle scope has proven to be very popular.


How good are Hawke Rifle Scopes?

The Hawke Sidewinder Scope

The Hawke Sidewinder has been an ever popular sport optic within the shooting community for many years. These Hawke telescopic sights feature 18 layers of fully multi-coated lenses and a 30mm mono-tube chassis. A Hawke Sidewinder scope has been built for people who do long range shooting. These shooters look for a specific set of requirements from a rifle scope. Hawke Sidewinder scopes meet these requirements and have been tested on rifles up to the likes of the .338 Lapua.

The standard Hawke Sidewinder 30 is available in both first focal plane and second focal plane. These Hawke optics are available in 3 different reticles, which include 2 versions of the Half Mil Dot reticle, and a SR Pro reticle.

  • Hawke Sidewinder 30
  • Hawke Sidewinder 30 FFP
  • Hawke Sidewinder ED

Hawke Sidewinder ED Scope

The Hawke Sidewinder ED scope features a TMX reticle and has been designed with interchangeable turrets. You will get a set of ¼ MOA, ⅛ MOA and 1⁄10 MRAD turrets. The Sidewinder is one of the leading Hawke Optics and offers fantastic glass clarity. Available in either 10-50×60 or 8-40×56 magnification. Sidewinder ED scopes come complete with sunshade, flip up covers, side wheel, 3 sets of turrets and parralex pointer.


How good are Hawke Rifle Scopes?

There are other Hawke scopes which have not been mentioned, such as the Hawke Endurance and the Hawke Frontier scope, but further information can be found on our website. Hawke have such a wide selection of different telescopic sights, there would need to be a book written to describe in detail their complete range.

Scope Summary

So in summary, just how good are Hawke rifles scope? Well Hawke Optics UK have a scope for every shooter out there and at every price point, and every riflescope comes with the Hawke limited lifetime warranty. Their huge selection of different magnifications, scope sizes, reticle options and glass clarity will ensure that when you ask yourself ‘how good are Hawke rifle scopes?’ if you get the right advice and get the correct rifle scope to suit your shooting needs, then you will see that the scopes from Hawke are fantastic and a like for like comparison between them and an equivalent scope will show that Hawke scopes are one of the best out there.

Here is a list of the current Hawke UK Families.

  • Hawke Fast Mount
  • Hawke Vantage
  • Hawke Airmax
  • Hawke Sidewinder
  • Hawke Endurance
  • Hawke Frontier

You can find all Hawke Scopes for sale here

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