Air Rifle Pellets

Air Rifle Pellets .177 .20 .22 and .25

At Countryway Gunshop we keep in stock over 1 million air rifle and pistol pellets in 177, 22, 20 and 25. We hold all the major brands and calibres, as well as some of the lesser known calibers and sizes.

We keep all air pellet calibres, which include .177, .20, .22, .25 and .303. The majority are lead pellets, but we also have copper coated and non toxic.

There is no need to look anywhere else for pellets as we are stockists of Air Arms, RWS, JSB, Falcon, Daystate, Accupell, H&N, Bisley, Crosman, Wasp, Range Right, BSA and Gamo.

Some of the most popular pellets include Air Arms Field, RWS Superdome, JSB Exacts and Bisley Magnums.

You need to pick the right pellet for the right job and would choose between a domed head, pointed, hollow point, or flat head. Domed pellets are great for all round general shooting. Pointed pellets are excellent for bird pest control. Hollow points do a great job of close range pest control, ratting up to 12-20 metres for example. Flat headed pellets are for target shooting as they make a nice clear circle through the target.

Whether you’re competition target shooting in disciplines like HFT or FT, doing pest control professionally or personally, or if you’re just plinking in the garden, we have a pellet to suit every need.

There is such a wide variety of pellets. They range from very light weighted pellets to more solid heavy pellets. A number of manufacturers also offer a selection of head sizes from 4.50, 4.51, 4.52 and 4.53 in .177 and 5.50, 5.51 and 5.52 in .22.

We also offer bulk purchase prices for orders over 10 tins. We are also one of the cheapest online for postage and packing charge to send out air rifle and pistol pellets.

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