With the game shooting season fast approaching, we thought we would share with you our top 5 game shotguns for 2019.

Game shotguns differ from Sporting shotguns in 4 main ways.

  1. Game Guns are lighter in weight. This makes it easier to carry around a shotgun for a days game shooting.
  2. Narrow Ribs. Game guns have narrower ribs compared to Sporter models.
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Trap vs Skeet

Different shooting disciplines have always been used throughout the years for shooters to get their practice in for game shooting.
Now Trap shooting and Skeet shooting are popular types of shooting in their own right.
We get asked quite often by new shooters, What is the difference between Skeet and Trap Shooting?

In this blog we will explain the differences between these shooting disciplines.

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When buying your first Air rifle you need to decide what you want to do with it, be it pest control, target shooting or for plinking in the garden. There are 2 main calibres of air rifles for sale which you will need to consider; .177 4.5mm and .22 5.5mm. Other air rifle calibers are becoming more popular such as the .20 and .25.

The .177 calibre pellet is a fantastic pellet for target shooting.

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Good cleaning and maintenance of your shotgun will help prolong the life of your shotgun and make sure it is in good working condition. It is good practice to get in the habit of cleaning and oiling your gun after every time you have been shooting.

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We have recently been discussing what we think our 2019 Top 5 best shotguns for under £1500 are.

There is a very large selection of shotguns available up to £1500 so it was very hard to pick our top 5 for 2019 so far.

We will start with the easiest two, as these shotguns have been the best selling two for many years. These are the Beretta Silver Pigeon and the Browning 525.

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We continually ask this question amongst ourselves here at Countryway, what do we think are six of the best air rifles under £500?

You will find that we stock a large selection of different types of air rifles within this budget, and opinions will change depending on whether you are looking for a spring air rifle, or pcp air rifle.

The £500 budget will cover the majority of different spring powered air rifles from the beginner packages such as the Hatsan Breaker 900x,

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Step 1: Preparing your scope mounts.

The first step in mounting your rifle scope is to check if the scope mounts have an arrestor pin. An arrestor pin or recoil pin is a small metal pin protruding from the bottom of a scope mount. This pin will stop the mounts creeping back when the weapon recoils, however it is unnecessary to have a recoil pin on a pre-charged air rifle.

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Pheasant shooting has been taking place in Great Britain since the 16th century, albeit on a relatively small scale prior to the mid 19th century when the advent of the breech loading shotgun, which enabled sportsmen to kill a large amount of gamebirds within a relatively short period, paved the way for the development of the driven shoot. Prior to this time, pheasants were usually walked up over dogs and shot in small numbers, with little artificial rearing taking place.

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