Step 1: Preparing your scope mounts.

The first step in mounting your rifle scope is to check if the scope mounts have an arrestor pin. An arrestor pin or recoil pin is a small metal pin protruding from the bottom of a scope mount. This pin will stop the mounts creeping back when the weapon recoils, however it is unnecessary to have a recoil pin on a pre-charged air rifle.

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Pheasant shooting has been taking place in Great Britain since the 16th century, albeit on a relatively small scale prior to the mid 19th century when the advent of the breech loading shotgun, which enabled sportsmen to kill a large amount of gamebirds within a relatively short period, paved the way for the development of the driven shoot. Prior to this time, pheasants were usually walked up over dogs and shot in small numbers, with little artificial rearing taking place.

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